"Yellow Blonde" Is Out! Now The World Goes Crazy Over "Nordic White" Hair


April 8, 2019 14:45 By Fabiosa

Fortunately, hair color trends don’t change as often as clothing fashion. Not so long ago, women wanted to be blonds of a warm golden shade, and now white is the latest craze. Like a real cold Nordic winter!


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A colorist from Massachusetts, Daniel Tetreault, who posts his works on Instagram, recently has tried a new variation of platinum blonde. It takes patience and time to get an even tone. It may take more than one session. The initial color of the client's hair is also important, as well as its thickness.

The platinum Nordic-style white shade differs depending on the lighting – it is brighter in daylight and cooler indoors.

When choosing this shade, the colorist recommends paying attention to the skin color (better for pale skin) and the natural hair color (from light brown to blonde).

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To keep the hair healthy, Tetreault advises using high-quality dyes and professional care products.

How do you like this shade of blonde? Would you like to "radiate" the winter chill this summer?

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