You Can Have A Handsome Husband Even If You Have A Tummy, Folds, And “Imperfect” Body

Date June 19, 2019 13:49

For years, women have strived to conform to the ideal: to be slim, sporty, and well-tended. They have spent hours in the gyms, counted calories, and tried to get rid of skin folds, stretch marks, and extra pounds through countless other ways. It has been a real struggle for many that has led to stress, self-doubt, and tears.

Everyone has probably caught themselves wondering what it was exactly that some handsome guys found in plain-looking girls. But lately, many women have been accepting the idea of body positivity and learning to love themselves as they are. And some have proven to the world that extra weight and non-standard looks don’t stand in the way of a happy relationship.

You can’t be liked by everyone. This has again been confirmed by Stanislava Podolyak, a popular plus-size blogger, beloved wife, and mother. Her weight issues began at school: in the summer holidays before the 10th grade, the girl suddenly gained about 44 pounds. This affected the attitude of Stanislava’s classmates and her own self-esteem.

In 2016, at the age of 26, Podolyak took part in the popular marathon Beshenaya Sushka (“Crazy Fat Burning”) and lost 27 lb, reaching the mark of 199 lb. For reference: with a height of 5 feet 9 inches, her maximum weight was 254 lb during pregnancy. It was after the marathon that Stanislava stopped torturing herself with diets.

She came to realize two things:

  1. Everyone has is entitled to their own opinions, so it’s normal that some might find her ugly, while others considered her beautiful.
  2. Haters also need to be understood: they feel better by writing mean and offensive comments, so the hate is likely not aimed directly at their recipient.

Stanislava tried many nutrition programs: healthy, raw foods, etc., and eventually became a vegetarian. Incidentally, while eating mainly vegetables and fruit, her weight was also around 199 pounds. The girl didn’t play sports, but not because she was, say, lazy. She just didn’t find the kind that she would genuinely enjoy and be interested in. And forcing herself only because “she is supposed to” wasn’t a very appealing prospect.

Was it difficult for her to cope with criticism and hate she was getting? No doubt. But Stanislava’s handsome husband supported her. At one point, she realized that she shouldn’t worry about others' opinions. She began to share honest photos of her folds and imperfect skin, talk about the pressure she had experienced, and turned into one of the most popular advocates for body positivity with a 200K army of followers.

The main advice that Stanislava would like to give to girls suffering from constant bullying because of their appearance is to learn to love themselves. The man in a woman’s life is her own reflection. That is, he treats her the same way she treats herself.

Ms. Podolyak is not the only non-standard woman with a handsome man. Many celebrities have been happily married to plus-sized partners for years and are perfectly fine with their appearance. We invite you to recall just a few of these couples.

1. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith

2. Plus-size model Jenna Kutcher and her husband Drew

3. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

4. Tess and Nick Holliday

Every person is unique and deserves to feel comfortable in his or her own body. Do you agree with Stanislava Podolyak’s philosophy?