"You Did It, David": After Her Fiancé Passed Away, The Girl Received A Letter Saying He Was A Hero

Date March 7, 2019 10:57

Every person hopes to love and be loved. And every couple wants their happiness to last forever. Unfortunately, fate sometimes intervenes, taking away the most precious people in the world. But even death can’t stand in the way of true love. We wrote about a young lady who 'had a wedding' with her fiancé even despite his tragic death, and about a man who wasn’t afraid to marry his beloved with stage 4 cancer.

Corinne Hynes and David Llewellyn dated for 9 years. They were inseparable, especially after their son, Jude, was born.

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In 2016, the young people’s lives took a massive turn when David was diagnosed with cancer. Although the operation to remove the tumor was quite successful, the disease returned within a year. David's brain was riddled with multiple micro-tumors, and as a result, he fell into a coma.

We can’t imagine what it cost David to regain consciousness and even go home to have his first Christmas with his son. Soon he got worse and in less than a month, passed away in the hospital.

Corinne knew about David’s intention to become an organ donor after his death, but she didn’t know that he made this call at the age of 17. Naturally, the family of the young man fulfilled his last will. After some time, heartbroken Haynes received an unexpected letter confirming that her beloved was a hero not only for her and their son.

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Llewellyn's heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, and pancreas saved five people’s lives, some of which had been on the recipient waiting list for years.

Corinne posted a photo of the letter on social networks and David’s story resonated with the internet community: her post has been shared more than 28,000 times!

It is unimaginably hard to lose a loved one. We don’t know whether the thank-you letter Corinne received offered her even temporary relief and consolation, but there is no doubt that thousands of people admired David's decision. Even fighting for his own life, David didn’t forget about others. The memory of him will live in Jude, Corinne, and at least five people he saved after his own death.

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