360-Lb Nurse Has Changed Beyond Recognition After Reconsidering Her Life Priorities And Revising Her Diet

Date July 4, 2019 17:11

Obesity is a real scourge of our times. Even if you accept the fact that extra pounds make your life more complicated, being overweight still greatly affects your health, particularly internal organs, cardiovascular system, and digestion. Your well-being should be a priority if you want to live a long and happy life.

360-Lb Nurse Has Changed Beyond Recognition After Reconsidering Her Life Priorities And Revising Her DietNew Africa /

Of course, it is desirable not to bring yourself to obesity, but if it still happened and you realize you've found yourself in a trap, there is no need to panic. The extra pounds you have gained over the years won’t be easy to get rid of overnight, but possible with a little patience and motivation by the clear examples of those who managed to do it.

Vanessa Brennan works as a nurse. Every day she saw patients suffering from problems caused by obesity, and was also overweight herself. Her maximum weight was in the vicinity of 360 lb.

Despite the weight, Vanessa felt great. She was self-confident and knew that people valued and loved her for her personality, not her appearance. She enjoyed eating. She ate when she felt great. She ate when she was sad. Even though after devouring two slices of cake she felt sorry and guilty, she could go back for two more. It was a vicious circle.

One day, Vanessa realized she couldn’t continue this way and decided to start working on herself. Everyone said she needed to have a stomach reduction operation, but the woman knew it was much more important to change her way of thinking. Vanessa dived into hard work, thoroughly reviewed her diet, and signed up for the gym.

The result wasn’t long in coming. After 18 months, Vanessa lost 140 lb. She continues to eat right now, visits the gym 6 times a week, and has since done liposuction of the abdomen and arms.

While earlier Vanessa felt guilty and disheartened when she broke the diet, now, after eating a forbidden meal, she immediately takes control over the situation and continues to adhere to proper nutrition.

If Vanessa managed to deal with her overweight problem, anyone can! The main thing is to find yourself the right motivation and work towards the goal gradually, trying not to take a wrong turn.