5 Spring Fashion Trends To Get Into The Closets Of Women Over 40


April 9, 2019 17:58 By Fabiosa

We have repeatedly had to make sure how cyclical fashion is. In recent months, it seems to have returned to decades ago: animal prints, neon, vintage items and much more regained their lost popularity again.


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But spring has prepared some more pleasant trends for women. In the new season, each of us will be able to find what we really like, regardless of age!

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5 trends you need to have in your closet this spring

1. Beige color


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This color has always been considered one of the basics. Trend-setters have made it really popular this season.


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Beige may appear in your wardrobe in the form of a thin coat, pants, cardigan, or dress. Don’t limit yourself.

2. Overalls


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This outfit is a great solution when there is no time or desire to think through the image in detail. Overalls will become handy more than once this spring.


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Some models can even replace evening dresses.

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3. Colored lace


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Recently, designers have been increasingly rethinking over the style of romanticism. If you want to support the trend, but are afraid to make an image completely of lace, take a closer look at things with lace elements or decor.

4. Polka dots


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Vintage and retro trends have become an essential part of the fashion world recently.


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Polka dot print is popular again! Moreover, it is most often used in its most classic version – in black and white shades.

5. Bows


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These elements have recently won fashion podiums and women's hearts. In the spring-summer 2019 season, bows will decorate almost every outfit.


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Any woman can look like a queen or princess at the ball with them.

Do you follow the latest fashion trends? Which of them do you like most? Share your opinions in the comments!

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