All Started With A Tampon: 31-Year-Old Model, Who Lost Both Legs, Is Preparing To Run A Marathon

Date June 10, 2019 21:10

Sometimes, everyday things can bring us unexpected surprises and pose a threat to our health and life when we least expect it. Our heroine of today’s story has experienced it personally.


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In 2012, 31-year-old Lauren Wasser used a tampon during her menstruation, which provoked toxic shock syndrome (TSS). The girl initially took the symptoms of this condition for the flu, but the next day, the model was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Over the next 6 years, Lauren suffered amputation of both legs, which was a necessary measure due to the development of gangrene and other health complications.


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Toxic shock syndrome is a rare, but extremely life-threatening condition caused by the ingestion of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria with the subsequent release of harmful toxins.


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TSS is often caused by tampons that are preferred by young women. But it can also affect a person of any age and gender. These bacteria are colonized in the nasopharynx, mouth, and skin and usually don’t harm a person, but if they penetrate deeper into the body, they can release toxins that damage tissues and disrupt organs.

As mentioned above, tampons can provoke TSS, especially if you use super-absorbers or change them less often than recommended.

All Started With A Tampon: 31-Year-Old Model, Who Lost Both Legs, Is Preparing To Run A MarathonFotos593 /

Other reasons that increase the risk of developing TSS include:

  • use of female contraceptives, such as a diaphragm or a contraceptive cap;
  • childbirth;
  • skin damage (cut, burn, furuncle, insect bite);
  • use of nasal tampons to stop nasal bleeding.

Despite her condition, Lauren never got desperate. She is now trying to increase women's awareness of the dangers of TSS and tampon use.


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In addition, the model is going to run the New York Marathon, which will be held in November. To participate in the race, she will equip her golden prostheses with running blades.


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On her Instagram page, Wasser often shares videos from her workouts. She has already achieved great success in running!


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Lauren’s willpower and self-esteem deserve standing ovations. Even a disability at such a young age didn’t prevent her from achieving her intended goal and living a complete life!

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