Curvy Instagram Blogger Listed 3 Decent Reasons For Not Shaving Armpits

Date June 10, 2019 16:11

More and more girls have recently started sharing their unshaven armpits and legs on social networks. Each of them has her own reasons why she stopped removing hair from her body. But the majority of women decided to do so to support the ideas of body positive. They believe that they shouldn’t fit into the narrow framework of standards adopted by society. Shaving is a rule imposed by marketers that can be excluded from your life.

Bianca King named 3 major reasons why she refuses to shave. Perhaps they will inspire you to follow her example?


Публикация от Bianca King (@bodyposi.b)

Bianca’s story

Ms. King began to run her Instagram as a weight loss diary. She shared her main achievements and the food she started to consume.


Публикация от Bianca King (@bodyposi.b)

But over time, Bianca decided to change the concept of the blog. Now the girl talks more about accepting yourself and loving your body.

Bianca isn’t ashamed of showing off her body and considers it beautiful.


Публикация от Bianca King (@bodyposi.b)

The girl also shared with her subscribers the main reasons why she refuses to shave.

Reasons I don’t always remove my body hair:

1. I’m lazy

2. I’d rather spend the time doing something I really enjoy (like tending to my plants or making snacks😏)

3. I have sensitive skin and shaving causes me insane itching therefore waxing really is my only option and that is expensive (and painful!!) Sometimes I like to wax my hair, sometimes I like to let it grow free. But I should be able to remove my body hair if and when I CHOOSE to and not feel the pressure of society telling me I should.

Removing excessive hair is a personal choice. What do you think about it? Are you inspired by Bianca’s reasoning? Could you give up shaving? Share your thoughts in the comments.