Insensitive Mom Brought Her Daughter To Obesity, But The Girl Still Managed To Lose 183 Lb In 2 Years

Date July 1, 2019

Obesity is a very acute problem in the modern world. Since 1975, the number of overweight people has tripled. It gets even worse when you find out that about 41 million children under 5 all around the world suffer from this problem. If we talk about the age group of 5 to 19, there are more than 340 million obese children. Impressive and depressing numbers.

Insensitive Mom Brought Her Daughter To Obesity, But The Girl Still Managed To Lose 183 Lb In 2 YearsNew Africa /

First of all, obesity has a negative impact on human health in general. If an adult can realize how harmful it is, who is responsible for the weight of a child?

Julia’s story evokes a full range of different emotions – surprise, compassion, pity, pride, and joy. She was an ordinary child up to 7, but then her mother’s attitude towards the daughter changed dramatically. For some reason, Julia became ugly and unbearable for her. The girl heard only reproaches and swearing instead of loving words.

You can imagine how much stress the little girl felt because of lack of love! Julia began to find revelation in food. She “gobbled” negative emotions and began to gain weight, making her mother even more dissatisfied. It turned into a vicious circle that lasted for years. In 11th form, she weighed 188 lb! When Julia didn’t manage to find a prom dress, she realized she needed to lose weight. Numerous diets, which she had been trying for many years, didn’t help. If the extra pounds did disappear because of tight restrictions, they returned almost twice as much after a while. After graduation, Julia moved away from her mother, hoping for a better future.

The girl went to university, but it only got worse. By graduation, she already weighed a whopping 287 lb. Apathy and depression devoured her regularly. The girl would even stay at home for several months.

Julia believed she reached rock bottom when she learned about the betrayal of her close ones. Colleagues at work smiled to her face, seeming like friends, but called her fat behind her back, and laughed at her. Julia became utterly desperate. She already weighed 350 lb when she finally resorted to drastic measures. She underwent gastric-bypass surgery. As a result, Julia lost 67 lb but couldn’t lose more. Doctors said it was her maximum. The girl despaired again but then decided to act. She realized she would need to work hard to lose more weight. She completely revised the diet, began to eat healthy. Sport has become an integral part of her life. If at first she hated it, now she can’t imagine her life without movement!

Julia achieved her dream! Now the 26-year-old girl weighs 160 lb, feels very happy, yet at the same time understands there is still a lot of work ahead.


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Julia’s story is a wonderful example that proves there is no magic diet that can help you in a few days or months. A healthy and slim body is the result of daily effort for a long time! Don’t despair – stay healthy.