Popular Instagram Influencer Showed How Skillful Makeup Can Help You “Lose Weight”

Date July 5, 2019 12:51

Nabela is a beauty blogger with more than one million Instagram subscribers. She successfully runs her business and creates professional images for different occasions, gaining hundreds of thousands of views every day. At the same time, she has luxurious forms and teaches how to present yourself correctly with the help of makeup so that no one has a desire to call you “fat.”

Popular Instagram Influencer Showed How Skillful Makeup Can Help You “Lose Weight”Getty Images / Ideal Image

The influencer has shared a video in which she wrote and then crossed various offensive insults on her face that she's heard from girls without modeling appearance. She showed how to “upgrade” your face visually with the help of normal cosmetics without any overly complex actions. Just take a look at the skillful artist.

Nabela created exquisite makeup that made her face look thinner with correct accents in light and dark tones on the widest parts of the face, applying highlighter on the cheeks and the tip of the nose. The new beauty trend has caused a storm of enthusiastic comments from users:


You are beautiful as you are ❤


No, you're not a 'pig' no, you're more like a 'wild bore' 😍 xoxo


u r beautiful girlll !!! Don't ever stop what u r doing, u r inspiring us❤❤

Remember, if you want to achieve the most spectacular effect, good quality cosmetics are required!

One of the frequently requested things from the blogger is nude makeup, demonstrating the naturalness and simplicity with a minimum set of tools.

The girl suggested emphasizing eyebrow lines with a pencil-stick, and complementing the image with light bronze shadows on the eyelid and lipstick of ice cream shade with a moisturizing texture. Nothing extra!

Just take a look, what mesmerizing beauty!

It is quite easy to learn the art of makeup – it's just essential to select the right cosmetics that harmoniously complement one another. This is how you learn to create “skinny,” “tanned,” “office,” and any other makeup looks by applying a couple of secrets from your favorite bloggers.