Seasoned Stylist Transformed A Balding Groom Into An Answer To A Maiden's Prayer

Date March 28, 2019

Nothing seems impossible in the modern world! If we aren’t satisfied with our appearance, it can always be “upgraded” in different ways. The easiest method is Photoshop. Unfortunately, it isn’t suitable for real life.

The more difficult option is makeup, and it can do wonders indeed. Cosmetics can help you emphasize your advantages and hide significant flaws.


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An essential role in a well-groomed appearance is a hairstyle. An untidy haircut will “kill” any image, while the neat one can turn you into a Hollywood star!

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Stylist Jason Makki lives and works in Dubai. Already several hundred clients have been under his hands, and everyone was more than satisfied with the result he offered.


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Jason specializes in men's haircuts. Just look at how he turned an ordinary man into a TV series superstar!

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However, haircuts and coloring aren’t the only stylist’s specializations. Recently, Jason learned how to “get rid of” baldness. Yes, you heard it right, and this has nothing to do with wigs!


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A special keratin-based tool helps Jason paint over the bald spot on the client’s head. It is clear that this procedure won’t last longer than a day like any other women’s makeup. However, if a man has an important event and wants to look perfect, why not to take advantage of it.


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For example, this bridegroom had already addressed Jason before the wedding, and the master had built him up a decent haircut on his bald spot.

Well, we wonder if the man below also resorted to a similar procedure.


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Jason is a real whiz-stylist! It's great that he offers to help not women who typically want to look immaculate, but men who also strive to look their best. What do you think about such transformations? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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