Shy Girl Who Hid Her Incredible Peculiarity Under A Layer Of Makeup Decided To Reveal Her Natural Face

Date June 13, 2019

Nobody knew about the idea of body positive 5-10 years ago. Both women and men tried to meet the perfect modeling standards. A lot of suffered from complexes when they found differences between themselves and the ideals accepted by society. Now, the situation is different. People have started loving themselves for their unique features and most of them have finally stopped hiding them.

Even such a cute feature, like freckles, made unusually beautiful 25-year-old girl Malu suffer from a lot of complexes.


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At one time, she hid them behind a thick layer of makeup or used Photoshop, which made her face look too perfect even for an Instagram photo. 


Публикация от Mᴀʟᴜ 🌸 (@m.xciv)

When she finally decided to show her real, natural face, she won over the internet public with her freckles!


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Some of these honest photos have gathered more than 3K likes, while the retouched ones were hardly viewed.


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Natural beauty has won again!


You are so beautiful!


Your beauty is enchanting! I can’t stop looking through your photos!


Woooa 😮😍 I adore those amazing freckles 😱

Moreover, freckles are now in trend, and girls who don’t have them draw them on their faces to look fashionable. So maybe you should stop hiding your “treasures”?


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And which of Malu’s photos did you like more – with or without freckles? And do you have any “flaws” in appearance that annoy you? Maybe you should actually expose them! Share your thoughts in the comments.