Popular Instagram Blogger Showed That Even A Plus-Size Woman Can Look Seductive

Date April 22, 2019 14:33

Women always want to wear fashionable and stylish things. However, some get shy because their dimensions are close to being called plus-size. However, problems don’t end here. Unfortunately, clothing manufacturers don’t always make appropriate sizes for all body types, particularly the one mentioned above.

Blogger Katie Sturino decided to change the situation since she wears the size 52. Various efforts to lose weight didn’t give result, so she decided not to torture herself, but to love her body. Now, she inspires other women to follow her example, to feel comfortable, regardless of your waist, hips, and breasts:

Women should stop stressing about this, constantly blaming themselves for extra pounds. Get rid of it; start paying your attention to something else!

To inspire and support the like-minded people, as well as to attract the attention of clothing manufacturers, Katie started a movement on her Instagram with the hashtag #MakeMySize. People enjoyed this idea and joined it immediately.

Katie insists that large women should wear bright colors and not hide their bodies in black or gray. Even the jeans of the right size can create wonderful images.

Also, Katie copies the images of well-known personalities, picking up colorful outfits. She does it really great with all the humor and style!

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