Hot Styling Trends: Why Volume At The Roots Is No Longer Fashionable

Date April 19, 2019

Fashion isn’t just about clothes. Trends from the catwalks in Paris, Milan, London, and New York also determine the hairstyles we will make and accessories we will wear. Today, we want to offer our observations and show you the most inspirational and even weirdest haircuts. However, it’s only up to you to decide whether it is beneficial to try them on in your surrounding.

2019 most fashionable hairstyles

1. Slick hair

Most of the girls are ready for anything to make their hair more voluminous. Finally, you can relax this season. Slick hair with a middle parting is now in fashion. It all started with the show of the Miu Miu brand, followed by Dior Couture, and eventually picked up by Givenchy. By the way, the last one didn’t hide the gray hair of their models.

As you can see, the lack of volume is a new trend. A lot of women have already adapted it to their images. Just keep in mind that your head should be clean. After all, the difference between stylish and dirty hair is immediately visible!

2. Bun

A bun with a few loose strands is the hit of the season. By the way, many celebrities, including even Meghan Markle, adore this hairstyle.

3. Wet hairstyle

To create a haircut with the wet effect, it isn’t necessary to apply the proper product to the full length. Just distribute it only at the roots and curl the hair at the ends.

Such hairstyle won’t work for every day, but if you adapt it to real life and try it on for a holiday, it will look very impressive. What do you think?