Stunning Makeover Of Ageing Mother. She Looks Much Younger And Prettier!

Date May 21, 2018

We have grown up and are raising children of our own, and only now we are beginning to realize how much our Moms and Dads did for us. We want to protect them and make their lives a little easier and brighter.

Danielle Bogert is all praises for her mother, Debbie, and calls her the least selfish person in the world. As an example, she told that her 59-year-old mother covered 1,000 miles to come to her in New York from Sullivan, Missouri, with a sole intention of helping her daughter to settle in.

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Danielle decided to brighten up her first visit to New York. With this in mind, she took her to the NBC’s morning show TODAY. Every Thursday, its stylists choose random women and transform them into well-tended and elegant ladies. This time, it was Debbie who got lucky!

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"She deserves it more than anyone," said Danielle handing her mom to the professionals.

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Well, Debbie had a morning of a lifetime! A hairdresser cut most of her hair off and left moderate length. He made the locks gently frame her face. Then, they added some highlights to make the hairstyle modern and match the face tone.

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Debbie changed in plain black clothes. However, it fit her leather jacket well. Make-up artists did some finishing touches.

Danielle’s reaction said it all. The hosts had to give her tissues!

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The star of that show was also emotional after seeing her look. She was also happy that the hair which had been cut would be given to charity.

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Under the TODAY’s video on YouTube, users give compliments to Debbie and praise the stylists:

Love seeing the joy on the ladies faces! There are so many women who never seem to think they are still women once they have family!

The hair is nice and natural.

She got younger and prettier. I mean, now she looks her age, not older, as before the makeover.

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What do you say about Debbie’s new look? Were the stylists’ efforts in vain? Let us know in the comments!

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