Barista Wrote 'Smile' On Girl's Cup And It Saved Her Life


May 10, 2018 16:22 By Fabiosa

The smallest act of kindness can change a person's life. And Bekah’s story proves it.

Bekah Georgy is a teenager from New Hampshire, USA. Most of her life, she struggles to be healthy. Unfortunately, she has many chronic diseases, including anorexia and depression. The young girl has lost count of how many times she was taken to the hospital. She used to be a promising ballerina who loved life but recently all Bekah could think about was committing suicide.

You look at me and see a happy, sociable and cheerful person. But it's not me. A smile is not real. It’s a mask that hides the one who surrendered and hates herself. 

Once again suicidal thoughts had crossed her mind, Bekah went to the Starbucks coffee shop to take a little walkabout. Coffee makes her happier and clarifies her thoughts.

The barista took an order for an iced drink. But instead of the girl’s name, the man wrote one simple word on her cup - 'smile'. It has changed Bekah's life forever. 

The young woman was so touched that decided to write him a letter.

You just did your job. Did you know that one word would change my day, and perhaps all my life. I'm grateful for what you did.

You could treat me, as well as all other clients. But you found time to share your goodness.

Bekah recalls that day with sadness:

Terrible doctor appointments and another therapy session.

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She still has a long way to go. The teenager’s being treated for anorexia and mental illness. The girl says that nothing helped her before because she resisted. And now she really wants to survive.

If it was not for that glass, I could kill myself. But your inspiration made me smile. For me, it meant a lot. You gave me hope. 

Miss Georgy collects funds on the GoFundMe service. Unfortunately, the insurance refuses to cover her costs. The girl hesitates to ask for money, but she desperately needs help.

I feel guilty. Probably, I do not deserve a donation. But I really want to live. I will be grateful if you help me. And then I will do my best to save other lives.

We wish Bekah to regain cheerfulness. Share your kindness in the comments!

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