10 Reasons Why You Can Live Without A Man And Be Happy

Date January 16, 2019

The age of everpresent internet and social networking doesn't leave people a chance to be alone with themselves. While sometimes, it's simply necessary for keeping peace within yourself, concentrating on some ideas and projects.

What are the perks of being a single woman?

At the same time, women who intentionally decide to stay single, at least for a while, are judged. But is it really that bad?! Life is showing us that there are undeniable advantages.

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1. You're not overloaded with unnecessary information

We are overloaded with information of various kinds we get from TV screens; news agency feeds; and communicating at home, at work, and in public transport. Sometimes it's good to just stop and be in peace and quiet, freeing your mind from unnecessary "files."

2. You have time for hobbies

Inspiration, like true masterpieces, is born in solitude. It doesn't matter what it is – a new song, artwork, or hair product. Only later people find out about them.

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3. You start to think clearly

Having given yourself time to analyze some events, including realizing or not realizing your own desires, you start to think clearly and reasonably, and express your thoughts better.

4. Your stress level decreases

When there are no expectations connected with your appearance, there is no disappointment; anxiety and worries just leave.

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5. It boosts your efficiency

You are able to focus on carrying out your tasks better and the absence of distractions gives you more motivation and energy for work.

6. You can wear whatever you want

You can always wear clothes you like and feel comfortable in without caring about fashion trends or what other people think.

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7. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows

People's tastes may be different; therefore, it's better to go to see your favorite film alone for the 10th time rather than watch one boring football match.

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8. You can cook your favorite food

Cooking food is a special ritual which you get fully immersed in. Especially if it's your favorite food. And you definitely don't want to see dissatisfied faces of people who don't find it tasty.

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9. You can be yourself

You don't have to think of topics you could discuss while having dinner, enduring uncomfortable silences when you don't like the people you're talking to and with whom you have no desire to communicate.

10. You can choose any partner

Enough said.

We hope we managed to convince you that a single woman is a self-sufficient individual who always has things to do; she's an interesting and passionate person. What do you think?

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