Always Down On Their Luck: The Most Unfortunate Zodiac Signs


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A person's character and fate are greatly determined by the zodiac sign he or she was born under. We have previously told you which zodiac signs depend on relationships, tend to underestimate themselves, and are money magnets. Unlike the latter, who are considered incredibly lucky, there are those who get lucky rather rarely. Astrologers believe that there are only 4 of them.

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1. Capricorn

Self-disciplined and responsible Capricorns rarely fail, but their every success is the result of hard work and minimum luck. People of this sign make great leaders and managers and create happy families. However, every once in a while, Capricorns start to wonder why they have to work fingers to the bone more than others in order to achieve their goals.

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Nonetheless, they get used to being unlucky and consider every failure a new experience. Capricorns easily leave negativity behind and fearlessly set off to conquer another peak, which we should all learn from them.

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2. Gemini

Cheerful but indecisive and inconsistent Gemini are faced with difficulties due to the duality of their sign. They are impulsive and quickly change their mind, brushing off their intuition. It seems like Lady Luck just can't keep up with them. When they fail, they swiftly switch to a new domain, while sometimes all they should do is wait a little.

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Geminis are frustrated when their plans collapse, therefore they change them effortlessly. Don't give up and think that everything seems to go wrong. As chaos and unlimited opportunities for growth are your power.

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3. Taurus

Tauruses' are legendary for being stubborn, but sometimes it can backfire. People of this sign strive to maintain their stability so much that necessary, or even landmark, changes in their life never get the chance to come. Nevertheless, reliability and responsibility of Taurus people help them make the right decisions and fix any mistakes.

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As a rule, they manage to reach social and financial success. However, things are a little more complicated when it comes to love: these individuals aren't too romantic and may keep searching for their significant other for a long time. But it's too soon to give in, as what they get in the end makes the long wait totally worthwhile.

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4. Pisces

Pisces tend to think that failures follow them wherever they go. They are naturally naive and often fall victim to fraud, becoming disappointed with relationships with people who don't deserve them. Intuition rarely fails people of this sign, but they have a tendency for getting too hung up even on a single misfortune that all they see is darkness.

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Pisces don't strive for wealth or power as it's not that valuable for them. A relationship, however, is a different story. They fall in love fast and amazingly make people around them happy.

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Every person is lucky in their own way: some find love that lasts a lifetime, others become famous and influential, and then there are the ones who are incredibly lucky in everything they do. However, you should remember that there's balance in everything: if you get something, you 'll lose something. There aren't totally lucky people and you need to cherish what you've already got, don't you think? Please share your view with us!

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