Bad Guys By Zodiac Sign. And Ways To Distinguish Them!

Date December 18, 2018 15:19

Everyone knows some bad features they have and the mistakes they've made. Therefore, they try to keep it on a low profile. But the planets see everything and they can give a hint which zodiac signs may do you wrong.

The list of villainous zodiac signs

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We have made a rating of zodiac signs which will reveal the truth about their representatives.


The battle for justice may come out of them in the form of a negative attitude towards the offender, so failure won't have to wait. Scorpios will harbor on things no matter how big or small, convinced that evil needs to be punished. Even though it only exists in their imagination.


"We all say things when we're on the edge!" – this is one of the excuses impulsive Aries may give you after treating somebody badly. If the incident was serious, they might even not say anything at all. Then you'll be left with two choices: settle for what you have or break up.

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The double-faced nature of this sign allows them to do bad things and forget about it instantly as if nothing ever happened. Therefore, their confusion in response to your criticism may be totally genuine – they just can't see what you're unhappy about!

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Hiding somewhere safe and telling the world about other people's sins from the comfort of their "safe-house" is something Cancerians are definitely capable of doing. While they stay, if not pure as the driven snow, then at least an innocent victim of circumstances.

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The strength and power of Leos surface when they feel like annoying someone or teaching someone a lesson. Then their natural benevolence hides somewhere deep inside, giving way to a bad mood.

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Have any of you found yourselves, friends, or family members? We are curious whether the description turned out to be correct. Share your thoughts, please.

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