Blowing A Gasket! The Most Hotheaded Zodiac Signs

Date December 18, 2018

If someone has a reputation of being unstable, they have it for a reason. Of course, sometimes, an unusual situation can throw people off balance. But when it happens for a lot of different reasons, it might be the time to wonder what their zodiac sign is.

Blowing A Gasket! The Most Hotheaded Zodiac Signsfizkes /

Which representatives of the zodiac signs are the most unstable?

By virtue of a certain planet influence, which defines some of the person's character features, we can name the least balanced zodiac signs. Are you ready to meet them?


Blowing A Gasket! The Most Hotheaded Zodiac Signsfizkes /

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"There's only one step between laughter and tears" – this perfectly describes Gemini's duality of the character. They can out of nowhere spark like a matchstick if they find something offensive. They can also hurt people's feelings without realizing it. It's easy to pick a fight with them.


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Classic stubbornness combined with the desire to stand out and be universally loved lead Aries to mental instability. Especially if you don't take their side and criticize them on top of that. They are ready to battle if it means they get acknowledgment and approval of everyone. There is going to be a scandal!


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Their behavior is a hurricane, earthquake, and a landslide combined. It knocks you down and overwhelms not only the opponent but the Scorpion as well. The only advantage is that they can quickly cool off; however, they will definitely remember the reason for their outburst of rage.


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"Armed and extremely dangerous" is quite a precise description of Sagittarius people who are very hot-tempered and straight up attack regardless of the people present and their number. They can easily pick up a fight being fuelled by the "fire" power of their zodiac sign and being overly confident about their abilities. Even if they're wrong, they will not call off the fight until it's over since they need to get their frustration out.

We do hope that you are an exceptionally calm and well-balanced person and, therefore, prefer not to get involved in fights. Have you recognized any of your friends by the description?

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