Bride Gave Away Her Ceremony To Unknown Couple After Breaking Up With Her Fiancé A Week Before The Wedding

Date November 28, 2018 14:39

Kolbie Sanders is an usual student from Texas who was supposed to marry her significant other on October 20, 2018. The girl was planning her dream wedding; however, exactly one week before the wedding, late night of the 13th, she broke up with her fiancé. Most people in her place would've hurried to call off the wedding and inform the guests, or at least try to get at least some part of the spent money back. But Kolbie did something different.

The girl announced on her Facebook page that she is willing to give away a $3,500 celebration to a loving couple who can't afford a wedding for valid reasons. She basically organized a competition: her post was shared almost 4.5 thousand times. We can only imagine how many messages she received and went through over 24 hours, as this is the exact amount of time she gave people to share their love story and tell why they are worthy of such an expensive gift from a stranger.

Apart from a fully paid wedding reception, Kolbie also promised to give the purchased wedding decor for free and help with wedding arrangements.

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Having gone through all the candidates, the girl narrowed it down to 45 couples to take part in an impromptu lottery. She wrote their names on pieces of paper, shuffled them thoroughly and blind-picked one. The lucky winner was Halie Hipsher who was raising a 7-month-old baby boy with her boyfriend Matthew Jones. With Kolbie's help, the couple planned a wedding in just 5 days. Judging by the photos, the event was a true gift for the newlyweds.

Miss Sanders is not the only girl who found the right solution for the money to not go to waste.

Many brides use their wedding decorations and accessories for charity. A wedding dress is exactly one such an item. Some people sell their attire, keep or give to those close to them. However, many people, especially in Western countries, give them away. For instance, it has been used as material for making cute dresses for newborn girls with health issues who have to stay in the ICU.

Other women found their own way: they pass their dresses to charitable organizations which support low-income families so that some women are able to wear them for free.

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Dresses are not the only items you could donate to foster homes, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, and even hospices. The charity objects may also include:

  • decorations – Christmas lights, tablecloths, ribbons, and even balloons;
  • flowers and floral arrangements;
  • unused guest souvenirs;
  • fabric waste cuts (which can be used for making or wrapping wedding accessories or presents) and stationery (wrapping paper, paint, markers, envelopes, etc.);
  • gifts that won't be used.

Kolbie Sanders gave a gorgeous gift to complete strangers and received true pleasure out of it as somebody had their dream wedding. Of course, it doesn't mean all of us have to do the same, since people's abilities and ideas of financial management are different. But there are indeed little things we can sometimes do to help those less fortunate. Perhaps even simply buying a cup of coffee for someone in need. What do you think?

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