Can't You Take A Joke? Humorless Zodiac Signs


February 8, 2019 12:34 By Fabiosa

A smile, laughter, and fun benefit people's communication and are perfect aids when you first meet a person. If the person can take a joke and doesn't mind pulling someone's leg, then it's easy to be around this individual. And vice versa; if the person is constantly grumpy, irritated with positive people, it's difficult and frustrating to be with him or her.

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Oh, so serious!

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So, how does one determine whether a person has a sense of humor or not? Should you tell jokes and funny life stories around them or is it better to keep quiet? Zodiac signs can help you out in this matter. There are people among them who have zero tolerance for taunts.


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They can pull someone's leg, but usually, it comes out wrong and so bad that they can hurt someone's feelings. And along with this, they can't take a joke themselves, again, by virtue of their strictness.


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They can produce a couple of fun well-timed phrases. But they wouldn't be able to be the entertainer at some party. Especially, if one of the guests decides to tell a speech out of order. Cancers have several taboos and they are too straightforward to keep it light. It's no laughing matter.


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Their jokes are ironic 90 percent of the time, or even sarcastic. Not everyone is able to understand them and many people will laugh out of the other side of their mouth. And that's a bad idea because Virgos might not like such behavior; they want approval. However, it's nothing compared to Virgo'a reaction when some person tries to play a joke on them – they will give you a polite smile if you're fortunate.

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We hope that you have a good sense of humor. If you did make it onto this list, try to understand that humor makes you live longer. Smile and let go a little!

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