Drastic Makeover! Hairdresser Shaved Off Half Of The Woman's Hair. And It Turned Out Just Great!

Date January 31, 2019

When a woman is going through changes in life, she prefers to enter the new stage with a new look. Some women get rid of old clothes, others go to the gym, and then, there is the third type of people who like to experiment with hair. We wonder what the woman in the video that we are about to show you was going through that she let the hairdresser do this to her hair! Any ideas?

A hairdresser named Lee decided to give a blond girl a complete hair makeover. He took a hair trimmer and started gradually cutting the hair.

But when she saw the result, she was ecstatic!

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The hairstylist captioned the video:

What do you think? Is this a haircut disaster, or a beautiful transformation?

 Here are the comments of people who watched the video on YouTube:


Stunning haircut, perfect color, she looks so sweet and angelic this way! Outstanding!

@Kimberly Quintanilla:

Beautiful no disaster!  I wish I was that brave.

@Artemisa Cyn:

She has a beautiful face and that hair style looks amazing on her !!

Watch another video of the same hairdresser:

The woman was brave and trusted the stylist. Would you have the courage to drastically change your look?

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