En Vogue! 5 Most Impeccably Stylish Signs Of The Zodiac

Date November 19, 2018

Every person has their unique style. However, astrologers claim that some zodiac signs feel trends better than others. We have gathered the top 5 most stylish signs of the zodiac.

Classy and sassy signs of the zodiac

5. Leo

Leos love shopping and don't mind spending some money to look good. People born under this sign love upmarket fashion, exquisite fabrics, and unconventional style. 

Sometimes Leos may be very bold in their choice of outfits, wearing something outrageous to draw attention. Sometimes they long for golden colour and radiant makeup; nonetheless, they never look tasteless.

Jennifer Lopez is a true Leo. Sexy and gorgeous, night and day!

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4. Capricorn

Capricorns possess a refined and moderate style. They never go over the top. You can always find an appropriate outfit for any occasion in their wardrobe.

This sign can be very fashionable; however, they never cross the line. All they need is to feel comfortable in the clothes they're wearing.

The most classy Capricorn is Kate Middleton. The clothes she wears and buys for her children are flying off the shelves of stores in no time. And her style is copied throughout the world!

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3. Virgo

Virgos' fashion taste is impeccable. As a rule, they buy good-quality clothes and shoes, which will never go out of mode.

People born under this zodiac sign would rather buy a simple item which suits them well than a trendy one. Looking at a new piece of clothing in their wardrobe, you can never tell it's mass-market. This is their trick.

Virgo Cameron Diaz is considered to be one of the most dazzling celebrities on red carpets. Key elements of her gala look are black or red colour and a slim-fit dress. But on her day off, she prefers regular fit jeans and casual wear.

En Vogue! 5 Most Impeccably Stylish Signs Of The Zodiacgettyimages

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2. Aries

Ariens have good taste but also suffer from impulse purchases. Whenever they see a pretty thing, they buy it and then they can't decide whether or not they want to wear it. This sign prefers wearing just a few favourite things from their extensive wardrobe. Good thing that they are good at creating combinations. It's their life-saver!

The most stylish Aries is designer Victoria Beckham. She doesn't consider herself perfect, but she knows how to highlight her natural gifts in the best way.

En Vogue! 5 Most Impeccably Stylish Signs Of The ZodiacVictoria Beckham, own brandgettyimages

1. Libra

At the top of the most stylish signs is Libra. They absolutely love to experiment. But along with this, they always weigh everything properly and never buy promiscuously. Libra's motto is: make it less but make it quality.

Monica Bellucci would never wear vulgar clothes. She's always been sexy yet elegant.

En Vogue! 5 Most Impeccably Stylish Signs Of The Zodiacgettyimages

If you didn't make it onto our list, do not despair. You can learn how to dress trendy. Here's a video to help you:

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