Even Death Didn't Stop Their "Wedding": Mourning Bride Arranged A Fairytale Photoshoot After Her Beloved's Death

Date November 28, 2018

When we fall in love and decide to start a family, each of us hopes to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, no one is tragedy-proof, even wealthy and famous people who sometimes have to bury their spouses and children, too. We often get irritated and mad for no reason, "punishing" loved ones by giving them the cold shoulder, not even taking a moment to think that it might end at any given moment.

Vehicles aren't a luxury anymore, and it's been this way for quite some time now. There are more and more cars appearing on the roads. Sadly, the mortality rate connected to car accidents is rising along with the number of cars. According to WHO, over 1,25 million lives are interrupted each year on the roads; children are also a part of that number.

Professional photographer, Kristie Fonseca, shared with Yahoo Lifestyle a moving love story, which lasted even after her partner passed away. One of the photographer's clients, Debbie Gerlach, was preparing for a wedding with her beloved, Randy Zimmerman.

9 months before the celebration, a tragedy changed the girl's life completely: her significant other died in a road traffic accident.

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However, Debbie's love turned out to be so strong that even death couldn't get in the way of her "wedding" plans. Gerlach turned to Fonseca, who did a great job retouching photos, with an unusual request. She wanted to do a whole photoshoot, but Kristie was to add Randy to some of Debbie's pictures.

Debbie's story was so heartbreaking that Fonseca couldn't say no. Wearing a beautiful dress the bride was posing with the background of picturesque scenery.

On the day of their canceled wedding, 11th November, Debbie posted the pictures on her Facebook page, accompanied by a note with touching words addressed to Randy. Some of her pictures featured a funeral urn with the ashes of her fiancé.

Today I woke up with my heart broken all over again. Today my daddy will not walk me down the isle. Today I will not get to see the look on Randy’s face at the end of that isle when he gets his first look at me in my wedding dress, the dress I had to hide from him because he couldn’t wait to see it. Today I will not see all of our friends and family. Today I will not marry the love of my life.

The pictures turned out to be just amazing. Debbie didn't seem depressed or miserable, she looked as if she could feel her beloved's presence.

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The couple had a lifelong dream: when Zimmerman was still alive, they couldn't get a perfect shot in front of a sunset. Just look at the magnificent present Kristie gave them!

I love you Randy Z Zimmerman❤️

Forever & Always, we promised!

Xoxo your princess

With these words, Debbie finished her post, where she appealed to everyone that they should be careful on the road and follow the rules. If the man who took Randy's life had stopped, she would have become a happy wife. Please, share this story. Perhaps Debbie's appeal to be cautious when driving will save many innocent lives.

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