Homeless Man Found $17 000 And Gave It Away To The Food Bank That Had Been Feeding Him For 5 Years

Date December 19, 2018 15:21

There are quite a few decent people in our world; however, there are also corrupt ones. However, there isn't always a correlation between these qualities and a person's wealth.

One morning, a homeless man by the name of Kevin Booth from Washington, D.C. set off to the Sumner Food Bank in search of food. It is a charitable organization that has been helping the man with food for 5 years. But this time Kevin was in for a surprise.

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At the door of the institution, 32-year-old Booth found a brown paper bag with $17 000 inside. Instead of keeping the money for himself, the homeless man waited for the bank to open and then passed it to one of the volunteers.

He leaned over, picked it up, looked in it, and he knew it was money. He waited for our person that opens up at 7:30 in the morning, and he gave it to her, saying, 'Somebody left this for you.'

— told Anita Miller, the director of the food bank.

The woman reported the finding to the police who started searching for its owner. But taking into account that the surveillance cameras weren't working that day, it was quite a complicated task.

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As nobody reported the money stolen for 3 months, the police returned it to the food bank. These funds will be used for buying refrigerators and deep-freezers.

At the ceremony of passing the money to the charitable organization, the police thanked Kevin for his honesty and decency.

There are a lot of people who would have taken it. I'm just not that person.

— said Booth.

As a reward, the homeless man was granted special gift cards to his favorite store and a good citizen's certificate. Apart from that, the volunteers also intend to provide Kevin with warm clothes and shoes, as well as help him find some place to live for the winter.

This story has once more reminded us that there are so many empathetic and decent people in our world and that we shouldn't judge people by their status or income!

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