Human "Barbie" Pixee Fox: No Ribs But What A Waist!

Date December 18, 2018

A beautiful woman can draw men's attention; a gorgeous woman attracts both male and female's eyes. Pixee Fox is definitely a gorgeous woman who put in hard work and went through countless plastic surgeries in order to be the way she is today - a femme fatale almost indistinguishable from Jessica Rabbit.

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Pixee Fox is a girl from a small Swedish town who has been involved in the automotive business and has always wanted to change her appearance because she didn't feel pretty enough. At first, she underwent small plastic surgeries in order to avoid being judged by the society who didn't see any point in such transformations.

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But then the "ugly duckling" stopped restraining herself and at the age of 21, Pixee acquired exotic looks, having undergone several surgeries. Now she is 28, she's a famous model and, as she refers to herself, a "body modification artist." It wasn't easy for her to reach her wasp waist – she had to have 6 ribs removed, which is why doctors highly recommend her wearing a corset at all times for internal organ support.

On one of her TV show appearances, Pixee met her "Ken" – model Justin Jedlica. The 37-year-old man has already undergone 340 plastic surgeries in order to match the cartoon character.

And now they are often invited for photoshoots as "Barbie" and "Ken." Their relationship is purely a business partnership based on mutual support, as they understand each other perfectly and see the reason for having so many surgeries.

Pixee Fox is not the only one who wants to reach a certain level of perfection and uses plastic surgery as a tool. There is a long list of plastic surgery addicts, including Cher and Cindy Jackson, as well as another "doll" colleague of theirs – Rodrigo Alves.

The human's soul is a mystery. Maybe we shouldn't be so judgemental and consider Pixee and her "colleagues" crazy, even though there may be some disorder and addiction involved. Perhaps, we should see them as determined people, who want to make this world a beautiful place with the help of their looks?

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