It's All Relative: What Is Forbidden For Women In Arab Countries?


December 5, 2018 16:27 By Fabiosa

In today's day and age, it's hard to even imagine that a woman isn't allowed to do something. A female president, female builder, female pilot... Women can be whoever they want to be; they can vote, pay taxes, single-handedly raise children. Yet, there are countries where the beautiful half of humanity is stripped of their basic human rights.

The place of a woman in Arab culture

Women who reside in Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are subject to the toughest conditions. Their main purpose is to raise children, keep the house, and satisfy their husbands. Women's main virtues are considered to be modesty and innocence, which they have to show through full obedience to the men of their family and their husbands, and by wearing loose clothes which almost completely cover the body, head, and most of the face.

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Meanwhile, sexual assault and physical violence aimed at women are rather common occurrences in Arab societies. Nobody knows how it really is for sure as such incidents are usually kept silent by the victims themselves out of fear. Sharia trials are usually useless in these cases – as a rule, the religious law is on the man's side.

What is forbidden for women in the Arab world?

Recently, there have been slight changes regarding women's rights in some Arab countries such as Comoros, Oman, and Kuwait. They can vote at local elections, be elected as governors, get education in colleges, and take part in sports competitions.

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However, the list of bans is still long. Thus, here are the things women aren't allowed to do in the Arab world:

  • get divorced at will;
  • be present in the same room with other men;
  • go outside without wearing a long traditional dress;
  • apply for a passport without the permission of a male guardian;
  • have an affair;
  • travel alone;
  • become a single mother;
  • receive inheritance equal to men.

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It's a part of female nature to be free and show discontent if her importance or significance is being restricted. However, we should never forget that there are ones who have it worse.

Do you agree that "who has never tasted bitter, knows not what is sweet"? And that fairytales are often so far from reality?

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