Jobless Guy Found Out He Could Withdraw Cash From An ATM Forever. Here's What He Did And How It Ended!

Date December 19, 2018

Just imagine for a second that you have an unlimited bank card and you can withdraw an infinite amount of money! How much would you take and where would you spend it? Or would you call the bank to inform them about a possible mistake in their system? A young unemployed Australian guy by the name of Luke Moore was presented with the very same dilemma. And he decided to use this opportunity.

The 22-year-old guy opened a bank account in his hometown Goulburn in 2010. After some time, he discovered he was able to endlessly withdraw money from his bank card. He got an unlimited overdraft from the bank. There was no limit! He had the opportunity to use funds at any time and for any purpose.

Luke decided that it would've been foolish not to use this gift of fate. Especially taking into account that he had just lost his job. He started buying expensive cars and motorboats, and splurging on entertainment.

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He also withdrew money and put them into other bank accounts. He got a collection of T-shirts and CDs signed by Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, and other celebrities.

Luke confessed to BBC journalists:

I was shocked. I had found myself with access to an extraordinary large line of credit.

He couldn't stop until one day there was a knock on his door... The unusual unlimited account was detected by the bank only 2 years after it started. It was all due to a computer malfunction.

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In 2015, the guy was taken into custody and charged with fraud. He was sentenced to the maximum of 4,5 years of imprisonment.

However, after 6 months the charges were dropped as the court decided that there was no intended dishonesty in his actions.

The guy finished his studies at university and is now working as a criminal lawyer.

Moore admits that he doesn't regret anything, but this experience helped him realize that money can't buy you happiness.

What would you do if you were him? Would you use the opportunity or would you honestly tell everything to the bank? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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