Loose Tongue: 3 Zodiac Signs That Can't Keep Secrets


February 8, 2019 13:19 By Fabiosa

Perhaps each of us has secrets which we wouldn't want to disclose to a wide circle of people. However, sometimes you feel the need to share some personal and confidential things with a close person, for instance, for advice or simply to get it off your chest. But, unfortunately, not everyone can keep another person's secrets.

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Astrologers are convinced that the ability of people to hold their tongue depends on their birth date. So what people are not worthy of your trust?

3 zodiac signs that can't keep secrets at all

1. Libra

This zodiac sign's representatives are full of compassion and are ready to listen to your complaining for hours. However, they find it extremely hard to hush up about other people's secrets. Most often Libra people blab out someone's personal affairs unintentionally, not for personal gain, but out of misunderstanding. They simply don't consider it necessary to keep the received information confidential. Hence, if you've decided to trust Libra with your secret, it's better to make it clear for them that they shouldn't tell the whole world about it.

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2. Sagittarius

These people are terrible at keeping secrets. Along with this, they spread the word in a way that brings the person who trusted them a lot of troubles. Sagittarius people love embroidering stories and often distort the facts. They do it only because of their rich imagination and as a result, they make a big deal out of a seemingly insignificant secret.

3. Gemini

Gossip and scheming are the favorite "food" of people born under this sign. Geminis just can't keep quiet about anyone's secrets; they don't feel obliged to do so. For them, other people's secrets are one more reason to have an amusing chat with those around them. If you try to reproach Geminis for such behavior, don't be surprised if you see genuine perplexity on their faces. They don't really mean for anything bad to happen to anyone, your story just fit in well.

Do you trust these zodiac signs with your secrets? And how well can you keep other people's secrets yourself? We're waiting for your answers in the comments below!

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