One-Of-A-Kind Voodoo Horoscope: Look Into The Hidden Corners Of Your Soul!


January 11, 2019 16:29 By Fabiosa

African tribes that worship voodoo also have a horoscope. Only in their belief, the zodiac signs' destiny is defined by good and evil spirits – Eshu.

Find your own voodoo-guardian by birth month! It will help you to look into the most hidden corners of your soul!

January: Mademoiselle Charlotte 

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This Eshu is the guardian of young girls. People under the protection of Mademoiselle Charlotte are mysterious individuals and speaking to them gives you the feeling of summer warmth. Despite being a little secretive, they possess incredible charm.

February: Oshun

Oshun is the Eshu of love and helps to build bridges between people in a relationship. Apart from that, in voodoo magic, it is responsible for love charms. Women who are guarded by this Eshu are particularly lucky in love. While men have an adventurous nature and, therefore, they are capable of achieving anything in life.

March: Pomba Gira

This Eshu is the messenger of love. People protected by Pomba Gira are born to be worshipped. Women are often beautiful and good at flirting, while men are just as charming and mysterious.

April: Lalu

This is the dancing Eshu. Lalu people are reckless and generous individuals of the voodoo horoscope. If they celebrate, they do it at the top speed; when they dance, they dance till they drop.

May: Vira

This is the Eshu of family love. These people are way too attractive and very smart too. They make great sportsmen as they aren't afraid of competition.

June: Loco

This Eshu is the representation of cunningness and trickery. Its people, as a rule, also accomplish their set goals. However, truth be told, they are much more gentle and accommodating than their benefactor.

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July: Elekun

This is a spirit-predator which always saves the chased ones. People of this Eshu are true "kings" from birth till the end of their days. They aren't afraid of drawing the attention of many people to themselves.

August: Rey

This Eshu rules all other spirits. Nothing can get in the way of people who are under the protection of Rey. They make fair managers who know how to use power in the right way.

September: Laroiê

This spirit is an agent of the goddess of love. Its people are kind and peaceful. They know how to shake off the blues and they're always the heart of the party.

October: Keve Le Dunzhe

This is the Eshu of temptations, sensuality and voluptuousness. Its people are so charming that they can win over almost any person. Along with this, they recover from stress easier than anyone else.

November: Madam Brijit

Madam Brijit is a real witch. She can postpone death and cure terminal illnesses. People who are suffering always turn to these mysterious Eshu people for help.

December: Bon-Bon

This is the kindest Eshu! There's a reason why its name is literally translated as "saint-saint". People who are guarded by Bon-Bon are destined to cleanse this world of filth in all its forms. They are exotic individuals who think really outside the box.

Have you found your voodoo-guardian? May this Eshu help you in your good deeds!

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