Peculiar Horoscope: Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac Sign

Date December 14, 2018

There are numerous superheroes in the movie universes who get their superpowers from bugs, such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Black Widow, or Wasp Woman. We'll tell you which spirit insect protects your zodiac sign and it may help you unfold your superpower and take your own place in the superhero franchise! Or you could just have some fun comparing yourself to your spirit insect.

Aries – wasp

Peculiar Horoscope: Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac SignLuc Pouliot /

The wasp is gifted with fire energy and it passes this power to its owner. This is what makes Aries so quick at decision-making and quite impulsive. In order to avoid problems, make clear plans for the future.

Taurus – bumblebee

The bumblebee might be larger and louder than life, but it’s harmless. This spirit insect symbolizes profound values and moral principles. But they only owe their whopping success to hard work and pushing themselves.

Gemini – butterfly

Peculiar Horoscope: Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac SignLedyX /

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The butterfly has a unique life cycle, hence in many cultures it’s a sign of rebirth and change! Those who are lucky enough to be under the beneficence of their delicate wingbeat are sociable and unusual. But butterflies might get sad if they don’t have company; therefore, they desperately need friends.

Cancer – water beetle

Water beetles are tough guys thanks to their shell; in many cultures, they are considered the symbol of defense! Those who under the protection of this insect are very successful in love. They are also quite self-sufficient, which contributes to the formation of a strong-willed and independent character.

Leo – ladybug

Peculiar Horoscope: Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac SignladybugMironmax Studio /

Ladybug is a symbol of sun and success in love life. So, people born in this sign are adventurous, career-oriented, and attractive for the opposite sex.

Virgo – grasshopper

Grasshopper is the symbol of “earth poetry” due to its music skills. People with this spirit insect notice the tiniest details and are good at analyzing information. Also, they are faithful partners in business and in life.

Libra – cicada

Peculiar Horoscope: Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac SignKirsanov Valeriy Vladimirovich /

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Cicada represents eternal youth as it feeds on fresh morning dew. Although Libra is constantly hesitating, cicada gives him or her exquisite taste. They perceive the world relying more on their feelings rather than analytical skills. They know how to create a perfectly peaceful atmosphere and get rid of all that is negative and unpleasant.

Scorpio – spider

It’s a symbol of creation and wisdom. If a spider-man realizes his/her power and directs it into manipulating other individuals – it will definitely spoil people’s lives. But if this man or a woman channels this energy into creating something beautiful, this way will lead to becoming a spiritual healer.

Sagittarius – praying mantis

Peculiar Horoscope: Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac Signmantiszairiazmal /

Similar to praying mantis, Saggitarius is patient and precise. They are smart and, thanks to their inner philosophy, quite optimistic about failures. Making mistakes doesn’t throw them off balance, they keep on firmly and efficiently working towards their goals.

Capricorn – bee

Bees symbolize hierarchy and discipline. Bee is a hard-working fellow, helping to achieve success in work and career as well as giving Capricorns power similar to vital, honey nectar.

Aquarius – firefly

Peculiar Horoscope: Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac Signfireflyanko70 /

This insect brings light to its natural habitat. Just like Aquarians, with their altruistic attitude to life, bring light to the people around them. Their ideas help to dispel the darkness and make society better!

Pisces – dragonfly

The dragonfly makes Pisces mysterious. They’re quite reserved, but there’s a lot of energy inside of them and thanks to their highly-developed sensitivity, they are able to feel what others can’t.

Peculiar Horoscope: Your Spirit Insect By Zodiac SignJozef Klopacka /

Now you know which insect you can compare yourself to. Take into account your character traits in order to neutralize the bad ones and develop the good ones!

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