Slim Waist + Voluptuous Bust = Japan's Most Beautiful Truck Driver

Date January 28, 2019

Women are capable of smashing any stereotypes! Even the one as ingrained as that only strong men can be truck drivers, as the long road involves physical load and mental strain. And besides, it can be dangerous. However, life shows that all this can be overcome even by "fragile" women.


Публикация от rino sasaki (@sr8x4volvo)

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Rino Sasaki was born and raised in Japan, worked as a folk dance teacher and had no intentions of changing her job. But 7 years ago, her father, who was a truck driver, got sick. And although he kept working, his daughter was worried about him.

She decided to get a commercial driver's license in order to be with her father. The inability to combine dancing with long trips around the country resulted in that the girl had a choice to make – she became a full-time trucker.


Публикация от rino sasaki (@sr8x4volvo)

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Rino shares her road experience and subtle aspects of working as a heavy truck driver on social media. This is her way of paying tribute to her father who teaches his daughter everything he knows, and also, showing that women can work in the transport industry too.


Публикация от rino sasaki (@sr8x4volvo)

The only thing that upsets "Japan’s most beautiful truck driver" is the absence of proper stylish clothes for female drivers. Therefore, it's quite likely that Rino will start developing a clothing line in her time off from trucking.


Публикация от rino sasaki (@sr8x4volvo)

Perhaps, you've heard about a Swedish girl called Angelica Larsson. Trucking is not merely a job for her, it's her passion and she's happy doing it. Her dream is to drive around the world, putting different trucks to test on the road.

It's very likely that soon we will see a growing number of girls in the field, hopefully changing folks' perceptions of what is considered "normal." Safe journeys, ladies!

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