Straight From The Horse's Mouth: A Male Escort Reveals Women's Secret Desires


November 16, 2018 18:00 By Fabiosa

Men have always aspired to know what women want. Just remember the film of the same name starring Mel Gibson. Well, seems like one representative of the stronger sex has managed to solve this mystery!

A gigolo from Australia called Ryan James, who has been working as an escort for quite some time, has decided to share his experience and revealed what ladies ask for.


Допис, поширений Ryan James (@ryanjamessydney)

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So, all of his clients order breakfast in bed. A night spent together is preceded by a romantic dinner at a restaurant.


Допис, поширений Ryan James (@ryanjamessydney)

James shared that most women using his services could easily pick up a man at some bar; however, they come to him for heart-to-heart conversations, attention, and tenderness.


Допис, поширений Ryan James (@ryanjamessydney)

Mostly Ryan gets calls from ladies over 30. Many of them are quite well-off young women who are generous on gifts. They are pleased that James is so considerate and polite, so they show their gratitude by presenting him watches, shoes and suits from high-profile brands.

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Допис, поширений Ryan James (@ryanjamessydney)

Naturally, the 31-year old Aussie hasn't always been a gigolo. Before moving into the escort business, Ryan worked for a major financial company. The man admitted that ever since he left the company, he's become a lot happier and has started to earn significantly more. Currently, the charges for his services range from $285 to $4 300, which could involve anything from one hour to a weekend trip.


Допис, поширений Ryan James (@ryanjamessydney)

He told his friends almost instantly, but his family found out some time later.


Допис, поширений Ryan James (@ryanjamessydney)

It was a bit of a mixed reaction. It’s probably not the kind of thing parents would choose for their children, but they still treat me well.

— asserts Ryan.

Well, it turns out that films like The Wedding Date aren't that far from the truth – attention and romance are still a top priority for most women! And though some might disapprove of James' lifestyle, getting such information firsthand is quite fascinating!

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