They're So Easy To "Break": 4 Most Damaged Zodiac Signs

Date January 30, 2019

There are many traits in a person's character that make us unique. Astrologers rightly believe that their combination, by and large, depends on which zodiac sign we were born under. You may remember that we previously wrote of the most unbalanced, touchy, and unpredictable ones. Some people appear self-confident, but on the inside they're experiencing a personal drama, ruining themselves and everything they've built over the years. So, which signs can be referred to as the most "damaged" ones?

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1. Taurus

Taurus people have the biggest tendency to self-destruction in the zodiac. They take everything that's happening too personally and don't like to be criticized. From an early age, they learn that they don't match certain expectations; sometimes they feel helpless and feel the need to apologize for everything they do.

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Tauruses are fear being poor, failing to realize their potential, and losing stability. Every step forward for them is a struggle. If there's a person next to them who is capable of making them believe in miracles, then they can't find a more sympathetic and active partner.

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2. Pisces

Pisces' dreaminess is totally balanced by their insecurities. They are often misunderstood by their own parents and, later, by their peers, which leaves negative feelings afterward. Pisces may get dragged into bad company in order to "switch off" the annoying responsibilities of the outer world. They feel "different" since childhood, not realizing that their uniqueness lies in something other than stereotypes dictated by society.

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Pisces are fear their perfect fantasy world getting ruined, their creativity not being duly appreciated, and their inner world being misunderstood by the people around them. However, in their attempt to stay away from negativity and spend time alone, they make life wonderful.

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3. Aries

The representatives of this sign are so self-confident that they live their life to the fullest. However, it's only until they fail or even worse – lose their best friend and ally. Aries have a hard time when their expectations aren't met. Each failure stays with them for life; that's where cynicism and cruelty comes into play.

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They are afraid to make mistakes as it might undermine their authority and authenticity. Nonetheless, ups and downs make them improve themselves if they believe and let it. When they find themselves broken, they are ready to leave everything behind and start over.

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4. Sagittarius

For Sagittarians, teenage years are the turning point in their lives, when they are faced with the reality of adulthood and are forced to seek balance in a new life. They aren't as interested in the present as in the past. In conflict, they prefer to hurt others to keep their balance.

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The worst thing that can disrupt Sagittarians' slow-paced life is fear in general terms, and in particular, fear of loneliness, which they particularly tend to feel when they're broken. Having learned to perceive unpredictable circumstances as an opportunity to gain new experience, they start to pass through discomfort and weariness with greater ease.

Each of us is broken in our own way: by career and personal failures, expectations, grief, prejudice, and even love lost. But life can't be easy for anyone, can it? Have you recognized yourself or any of your friends in the descriptions above?

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