Two-Faced Fakers: 3 Zodiac Signs That Can't Be True Friends

Date January 16, 2019 14:16

Why do some people rush to your rescue at a word, while others always smile sweetly but when you need them, they suddenly disappear? These "real" friends may ignore your requests and, moreover, they may even set you up.

Hold on, don't blame everything on the differences in character or, even worse, yourself. Astrologers believe that some signs tend to focus on themselves more as friendships aren't their top priority. We have prepared for you all information about 3 signs that don't know how to be real friends.

3 signs who aren't true friends

1. Virgos

Virgos are always very amicable. They are lavish with compliments. This sign will be happy to accompany you to some party or a movie theater. But they can't be true friends. Today you are a dear friend to them, but they can stab you in the back tomorrow.

If you want to have a good relationship with Virgos, keep them as far away as possible.

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2. Taurus

Tauruses love themselves so much. If you think your friendship is capable of changing that, you're mistaken. People born under this sign expect you to become a person who will admire and support them. If you aren't ready for this, then you probably should distance yourself a little from this person.

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3. Aquarius

At first sight, it might seem like Aquarius is genuinely interested in your life. They want to know everything about you. Such attention may be very flattering. It's nice to be asked what you did the day before and what you like to do on weekends. However, over time it might turn into total control. And then, your personal information will be used against you. Therefore, always think carefully before telling your secrets to Aquarius.

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If you got onto the list of the least friendly signs, it doesn't mean anything really. There are many factors, apart from the zodiac sign, which influence your character.

Share with us in the comments whether the astrologers' expertise watched your life experience!

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