Who Are You By Egyptian Horoscope?

Date December 17, 2018 14:15

Many nations have gazed upon the stars and tried to unfold the mysteries they conceal. In different parts of the planet, people have come closer to understanding human nature and the mechanisms of world order, each in their own way. You have a chance to read what Egyptian horoscope says about you!

Who Are You By Egyptian Horoscope?matrioshka /

The Nile

  • Nov 18 – Nov 26
  • Jan 01 – Jan 07
  • Jun 19 – Jun 28
  • Sep 01 – Sep 07

These people are sharp-witted, practical and adamant. Although, they might not give much thought to the consequences of their actions. They are fully dedicated to their job and usually finish what they've started.

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  • Nov 08 – Nov 17
  • Apr 01 – Apr 19

People born under this sign find it easy to take responsibility and have a gift for managing. They are persuasive and distinctively charming. They are famous for their generosity.

Who Are You By Egyptian Horoscope?tan_tan /


  • Jan 08 – Jan 21
  • Feb 01 – Feb 11

These people possess amazing intuition and their energy is calming for the people around them. They are very sensible as well as cunning. It's important for them to prove themselves at work and be useful.


  • May 01 – May 07
  • Aug 12 – Aug 19
  • Apr 20 – Apr 30

People of this sign are unprecedented optimists. They are creative and dreamy. They may be impulsive, put their foot in it, and then regret it. Also, they are very amorous. 

Who Are You By Egyptian Horoscope?tan_tan /


  • Jan 22 – Jan 31
  • Sep 08 – Sep 22

They sometimes irritate others with being overly demanding and their mood swings. They prefer to take action instead of talking. And also, they will support their loved ones in all cases.


  • Jun 29 – Jul 13
  • May 08 – May 27

These folks are perfectionists. They are insightful, they have a clear understanding of human psychology, but along with this, they prefer to spend time by themselves. In addition, they have a great sense of humor.

Who Are You By Egyptian Horoscope?givaga /


  • Aug 20 – Aug 31
  • Feb 12 – Feb 29

These individuals have the best advice. Friends trust them with their deepest secrets and they're sure they'll get a helping hand. Also, they're good at time management and don't like to rush.


  • May 28 – Jun 18 
  • Sep 28 – Oct 02

They are inventive, love accomplishing set goals, and find true joy in overcoming life's obstacles. They love their freedom and won't tolerate any orders from the people around them.

Who Are You By Egyptian Horoscope?Andrea Izzotti /


  • Mar 11 – Mar 31 
  • Oct 18 – Oct 29
  • Dec 19 – Dec 31

These people are optimistic and open to the world; they love others. Along with this, they lead carefree lives and aren't ashamed of it. In a relationship they strive for perfection, hence quite often they stay single.

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  • Jul 14 – Jul 28
  • Sep 23 – Sep 27
  • Oct 03 – Oct 17

These people are penetrating, intuition is usually on their side. They're charming, comfortable to be around with, and cozy. They can always find the right words and time them perfectly.

Who Are You By Egyptian Horoscope?matrioshka /


  • Mar 01 – Mar 10
  • Nov 27 – Dec 18

This is a controversial sign which gives people sometimes conflicting character features. They are domineering by nature, therefore it's easy for them to take responsibility.


  • Jul 29 – Aug 11
  • Oct 30 – Nov 07

People born in this sign are friendly and sociable. Their honesty sets a great example. They're sensitive so they are easily offended. But they are also quick to forgive.

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