Two-Year-Old Boy Decides To Feed The Homeless After Being Impressed By A Documentary

Date November 5, 2018 08:54

A two-year-old boy from an English city called Peterborough showed incredible compassion and kindness when he decided to help the homeless.

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Jamie and Elissa Hanley were watching a documentary about homeless people while their son Lincoln was playing with his toys right there, in the same room. The parents had no idea their little boy was engaged in the broadcast on TV. However, when a homeless woman with a dog came on, he started asking questions like where they lived or what they ate. The adults explained that these people and animals didn’t have their own house and they were often hungry. Then, Lincoln said in a very serious way that they needed to be fed. And to do that, he was willing to sacrifice his 20-pound allowance.

The parents supported their son. Together they set off to the supermarket to buy food. What’s more, Lincoln was actively involved in the process. Afterward, he was putting in effort while making sandwiches and chicken soup for the homeless.

Sweets, apples, juice – they had everything planned. And a special treat was prepared for the dog.

Late at night, the family with a massive bag full of food headed for an area where homeless people might be. This kind of attention made some of them anxious, but Lincoln made friends with some of them.

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The little boy was overjoyed when people accepted the food he was offering. Such a great act of kindness!

The story went viral thanks to Jamie’s post on social media. Everyone approved the actions of the toddler, who showed love and compassion to those in need. Lincoln’s parents are very proud of their little boy’s deed; he set such a great example for adults.

His parents think he’ll remember such a lesson his whole life. Moreover, the family is up for continuing these charitable acts.

Isn’t it touching? No doubt, you too give back to your community and set an example for your kids. Please share your stories!

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