Barely Recognizable! 15 Plus-Size People Who Have Become Slim

Date March 20, 2019 21:20

Those who have tried to lose weight know how challenging it can be and how long it may take. Perhaps at some point, every overweight person thinks that it would be nice to get rid of a few (dozen) pounds. But many people quit once they start; as it turns out that they can’t live without sweets and have to sweat at the gym. They give up any attempts to get their weight in check, thinking:

Well, what kind of life is this?

But this story is about heroes whose willpower and determination was much stronger than that.

1. This young man shed exactly half his weight in 3 years. Still hasn’t lost his sense of humor!

M/31/6'1 [460 > 230 = 230lbs] (3 years) I'm officially half the man I used to be. from r/progresspics

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2. 8 years ago, she could hardly get out of bed. In this photo, she’s just run the City2Surf (8.7 miles) in 1:22:30! 


Публикация от Jessica (@treadmillionaire)

3. Lost 225 pounds!

4. “Feeling absolutely on top of the world. Just 10 more and I’ll be at my 100 lbs lost mark!!!!”

5. She used to wear 3XL sized clothes. Now it’s M tops and S pants.

F/29/5'4" [280lbs>175.8lbs = -104.2lbs] (YEARS) Started in 3XL, today I'm wearing M top and S trousers! from r/progresspics

6. Rebecca likes chocolate cake and fries just as much as anyone else, as well as relaxing on the couch after a long day at work. She still enjoys all these things, but every day she makes a choice to put her health and her goals first.

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7. Same pose, in the same mirror, and in the same clothes. Just 110 lb less.

8. According to the girl's own words, she hated her body and was constantly judging herself, and then comforting herself with food. But she managed to break this vicious circle. Meet the new Kathryn!


Публикация от Kathryn (@kdinspiredlife)

9. It is hard to believe this is the same person!

F/40/5’4 [331lbs-172lbs=159lbs] VSG, CICO, Walking and Biking From a 5x tee to a medium from r/progresspics

10. Isn’t she a beauty? The weight loss made her 10 years younger!

15. It's never too late to change, even when you weigh 500 pounds.


Публикация от Stasia (@500tofreedom)

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