Besides Zodiac Sign, Your Life Is Influenced By The Ascendant! What Is It And How To Learn Yours


December 6, 2018 10:47 By Fabiosa

Have you always considered yourself a typical Sagittarius or, say, Leo? Then we have news for you!

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It turns out that a person’s character is determined by not one but two zodiac signs: the one under which you were born and your rising sign – the ascendant! So, how do you calculate it and how does it affect your life?

What is the ascendant sign?

Why is this Leo so modest and does not like noisy company? This person is Capricorn rising. And what’s up with Pisces, who talks a mile a minute? They clearly have an ascending sign of Gemini.

The rising (or ascending sign) is often the mask that we wear. It also determines how we deal with everyday problems.

It is the qualities of the ascendant that we notice first in a new acquaintance! After all, it defines the person’s first, natural reaction to new people and situations.

How to figure out your ascendant?

Want to know your rising sign? Use this table. Please note, that it is only possible to correctly determine the ascendant by knowing the exact time of birth!

Besides Zodiac Sign, Your Life Is Influenced By The Ascendant! What Is It And How To Learn Yours

Here is a brief description of the 12 rising signs

Found your ascendant in the table? Here is something new about you!

Aries rising

These people are emotional, dynamic, assertive, and competitive. They tend to act first and think later.

Taurus rising

These people put comfort above extravagance and prefer quality over quantity. They like to spend time on important things (including relationships!)

Gemini rising

Gemini rising people are all about communication. You have too many interests in life, so you never seem to have enough hours in a day!

Cancer rising

Cancer rising people are incredibly caring, so you strive for a peaceful family life. Your special talent is the ability to give useful advice.

Leo rising

You are a person with an open heart! You are ready to generously share your time, money, and emotions.

Virgo rising

You are organized, meticulous, and very intelligent. You know exactly what you want to achieve in life. You are extremely helpful to others, especially animals and those who are ill.

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Libra rising

You really enjoy all the girly things: trips to the beauty salon, new outfits, and the opportunity to spend your partner's money.

Scorpio rising

You love to have deep and informative conversations, as Scorpio rising people seek to learn all the secrets of their conversational partners. They won't rest until they do!

Sagittarius rising

You are cheerful and adventurous. Since Sagittarius is considered a lucky sign of the zodiac, such an ascendant is considered one of the best.

Capricorn rising

Life is a great journey for you, where the journey itself is just as important as the destination. Capricorn rising people usually look good in old age, because, as a rule, they have good health.

Aquarius rising

You’ve got your eccentricity and stunning appearance from the Aquarius rising sign. You have a rather quick mind.

Pisces rising

You are dreamy and able to feel other people’s emotions. Sometimes you can heal people's souls merely with your presence.

Note: the table above does not offer exhaustive information. For more details, it is necessary to make an individual horoscope. However, you have already drawn some conclusions yourself, haven't you?

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