Cute Girl Wanted To Be More Beautiful But Her Transformation Freaked Out Her Subscribers

Date June 4, 2019

Photos of 20-year-old Russian fitness model Ekaterina Galichenko made a real sensation on the internet. In a period of 2 years, the slender girl turned into Kim Kardashian. People wonder why she had to go under the knife. But Ekaterina denies having any implants in her body other than lip fillers, and claims that her mind-blowing transformation is all due to exercise and genes.

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In 2016, Ekaterina graduated from school. The girl decided to delete some photos from her past life.

But some photos remained in the archives.

One subscriber voiced the opinion of many:


What has become of you?

In 2017, Ekaterina showed her first signs of transformation.

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In 2018, she switched to bright makeup, her figure changed, and her lips became plump due to fillers.

Ekaterina admits that she doesn’t have a boyfriend now, as she is exceptionally serious about choosing a partner.

Subscribers refuse to believe that her curves are the work of mother nature.


God damn that bill is so much for that plastic surgery


Your nose, cheekbones, chin... And you say you haven't had surgeries?


The legs give away how you worked out your butt

Do you believe that such a figure can be real? Or is it definitely a work of plastic surgeons? Share your opinion in the comments!

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