Danced Into Labor: The Dance Of A Pregnant Woman And Maternity Staff Took Over The Internet

Date March 5, 2019 10:12

Pregnancy is a great time that almost completely changes a woman’s life. At the end of month 8, some expectant moms can barely move their legs and dream of giving birth as soon as possible, while others have the time of their lives.

Many women continue to do what they love even late into pregnancy. Take Christina Spirig, for instance, a pole dance instructor who performed her last dance two hours before the labor! But Christina is not the only one whose love for dancing is greater than the fear of approaching labor.


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Alicia, a teacher by occupation and a very cheerful person, and her husband were expecting a baby.

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As claimed by Alicia, there is no place for boredom in their family – she and her husband like to be silly and have fun.

The fun didn’t stop even a few hours before the birth of baby Tatum.


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Instead of lying in anticipation or wandering the hospital hallways, Alicia and her husband decided to have fun! They turned on the music and broke into a dance right in the hall. What is even more surprising is that the hospital staff joined the couple!


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This fiery video has instantly gone viral and has been viewed by more than 85,000 people already.

If you feel like joining the dance, turn on the video!

And here is little Tatum! She'll probably make a great dancer one day. :)


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We can learn a lot from Alicia. She was so relaxed before giving birth for the first time! Most women are nothing like that!

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