Gift Or Curse? Rebecca Sharrock, 29, Remembers Everything Since She Was 12 Days Old!

Date November 26, 2018 15:15

Do you think a ‘perfect’ memory is a gift or a curse? Would you like to remember every single moment of your life or would you rather let some of them stay forgotten?

Rebecca Sharrock has no such choice. At the age of 12, she discovered that she could remember everything that she sees and experiences, such as all 7 Harry Potter books word-for-word. And her first memory goes back to when she was only 12 days old where her mom was taking a picture of her!

It's unbelievable, but Rebecca can remember her first year of life in minute details – from the itchy satin dress she wore, to the Minnie Mouse toy that terrified her.

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The 29-year-old woman suffers from an extremely rare condition known as HSAM (highly superior autobiographical memory). There are roughly 80 known cases of HSAM in the world!

Not only does Rebecca Sharrock remember each day in absolute detail, but she can also re-experience the emotions!

I remember every day since then. Some of them I can’t date exactly because I was too young to understand calendars, but I remember what I did that day, what the weather was like and so on.

Rebecca's excessive brain activity often causes headaches and insomnia, but she learned to calm herself by reading Harry Potter novels, which she knows by heart, in her mind. It helps her fall asleep.

Since any negative event can ruin her day, Rebecca is currently in therapy.

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Ms. Sharrock learns to repress particularly painful memories and not to be distracted by random flashbacks.

The emotions and the adrenaline I get return to whatever age I was at the time of the memory but my conscience and reasoning are like an adult.

Seeking to raise people's awareness about this condition, Sharrock started a YouTube channel where she shares about her life. You can also find her on social networks.

Presently, Rebecca Sharrock is the author of two e-books on HSAM and autism. Although the woman sometimes would like to be rid of her super memory, she says that happy memories make it worth it!

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