Heartbreaking Photo Journey Of A Loving Couple Reminds Us To Appreciate What Truly Matters

Date January 30, 2019

Love stories often have a happy ending. And when people say “for better or worse,” most believe they will not have to face the latter. Life-long love consists of much more, and this is what American photographer Jennifer Giliberto tries to show by telling touching stories through her photographs.

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Jenna and Josh Buehler were an ordinary loving couple from Atlanta. After getting married, they went to Taiwan for their honeymoon, when Josh suddenly became fatigued and forgetful. The couple went to a local hospital and were struck by a terrible diagnosis: Josh had glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. Unfortunately, American doctors also confirmed the disease.

Josh had a difficult surgery. While the man was being prepared for the procedure, the treating neurosurgeon introduced him to Jennifer Giliberto. The photographer was also diagnosed with a tumor once, so after rehabilitation, she decided to speak out about the fate of cancer patients and their loved ones by creating a special photo project. Jenna and Josh agreed to share their story with the world. The project started immediately after the surgery and continued throughout John's journey.

After the operation, the man vigorously went through a course of chemotherapy and tried to lead a normal life. His loving spouse never left his side. While chemo dripped into his body, Josh took business calls and sent emails. Gradually, he was allowed to exercise. Soon the couple decided to have a baby.

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When Jenna was 6 months into her pregnancy, Josh had a relapse.

I said, 'Josh, please don't make me labor alone...'

– Jenna remembered.

However, even the best doctors didn’t dare raise false hopes.

During the labor in September, Josh was in bed near his wife. He was very weak and couldn’t wake up to see the birth of his daughter, Reilly.

November 6, Josh passed away peacefully at home.

[The project] means that my daughter has the opportunity to see her father's fight. She gets to see how much her parents loved one another and how much she was wanted.

This story can break anyone’s heart. But it also shows the strength of love. Josh has left his legacy in the life of a beautiful daughter, who makes Jenna smile and fondly remember him. And this gift will stay with her forever.

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