Horses For Courses: Physical Activities Suited To Each Zodiac Sign

Date December 18, 2018

All the zodiac signs are divided according to the four elements (fire, water, air, and earth), which affect the character of their representatives. Based on this, it is safe to assume that their choice of sports will also be influenced by the features of each elements.

Your element and sport – how do they correlate?

Here is a list for everyone to learn which physical activity is preferred in order to stay in good shape, according to the zodiac sign.


The 'fire' nature of Aries needs a vent, so they feel good in a boxing ring or on a tatami among wrestlers. If you feel the need for team spirit, then soccer will be perfect for you.

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Tough 'earth' Taurus can exercise their stamina in a fitness club, but only if it is their activity of choice, such as yoga, Pilates or aqua aerobics. Fitness machines are not their cup of tea.


Generally, 'air' Gemini like riding a bike, roller skating or skating fast since very childhood. No reason to deny yourself the pleasure when you grow up!


What should the 'water' Cancer do? Anything that includes a sail! Even those who are reluctant about sports will find sailing or windsurfing very exciting.

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Since it is important for them to support their image even while exercising, they could join popular sports in order to stay in the 'fiery' spotlight. It can be basketball or golf.


Quiet, 'earthy' representatives of this sign will prefer walking to stay in good health. But if they are asked to join a team, handball would be best.


For full harmony and balance, beautiful light and 'airy' performance sports are best suited to Libras: rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, or equestrian sport.


Impulsive Scorpios feel great in extreme situations, so rock climbing, skydiving, motorsport, or slalom are what gets kicks out of them. And when these 'water' persons need to relax, they can do yoga.


A 'fiery' Sagittarius can find plenty of communication in team sports, as well as in athletics and horse riding.



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What hard-nosed and hardy 'earth' Capricorns need is a marathon. Or you can buy a lifelong gym membership and test your grit.


Soaring in the skies - this is what suits the element of Aquarius best. Parachuting or paragliding will hit the spot and help overcome the fear that some may have.


These aesthetic and refined individuals will prefer gracious swimming, diving, or snorkeling to match up with their water element.

Did you like this sports horoscope? Found a suitable physical activity for yourself to become stronger and healthier, or maybe even lose some weight?

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