Man’s Comic Heart Cry: "We Don’t Care About Your Eyebrows!"

Date March 12, 2019 16:29

In any classic makeup guide, there is a part devoted to eyebrow shaping. It is so important for women because well-shaped eyebrows complete the look. However, as it turns out, men don’t care about this feature of a woman’s face at all! This opinion was voiced by comedian Gary Meikle in the video he posted on Facebook.

His daughter, 23-year-old Ainslie, whom he is raising on his own, compelled him to talk about eyebrows, one of her recent obsessions.

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After she repeatedly asked her dad if he liked her eyebrows, Gary went on a hilarious rant:

What’s happening, ladies? When did eyebrows become the most important part of a woman’s body? We know when you’ve had your eyebrows done, not because they look any different, just because you don’t shut up about it!

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The man’s confession received great support from the internet community. The post has been viewed more than 4 million times and shared about 70,000 times. The users have left more than 10,000 comments! The dad and his daughter became Facebook celebrities!

This man’s opinion is important, but it is unlikely to have any impact on fashion trends in the shaping of eyebrows.

You can clearly see the evolution of eyebrow trends in the photographs of movie stars and pop divas.

There was a time of arched, rounded, razor-thin, wide, and bushy brows.


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The current trend is naturalness and there is no need to spend a lot of time removing the hairs. Thick curved or straight eyebrows are now in the highest demand.

They also require care: combing, fixing with special products, and shape correction once in a while.

Anyway, eyebrows are an integral element of a woman’s look. Especially when they go up at the moment of surprise. A true lady can convey a range of emotions only with the movements of her brows. That’s why we care for them so much! Don’t you agree?

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