“The Day After Tomorrow”: Photos Of The USA Freezing In

“The Day After Tomorrow”: Photos Of The USA Freezing In Arctic Temperatures Will Give You The Chills


February 7, 2019 08:02 By Fabiosa

Recently, some states of the US Midwest and parts of Canada have been hit by extremely cold temperatures brought on by a polar vortex.


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The wind chills made the situation even more dangerous. In some cities, the temperatures plunged as low as -76°F. Many educational establishments have been closed, and thousands of flights canceled.

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A similar natural phenomenon was depicted in the 2004 science-fiction disaster film The Day After Tomorrow.


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Meanwhile, Americans started posting photos that perfectly illustrate the situation in their cities. Just looking at these photos makes you want to grab a blanket!

At least someone's toilet is Arctic fresh.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin ….

All dressed and ready.

Going to daycare when it's -30 outside.

Minnesota. The toilet tank exploded.

Just some boiling water in the freeze.

Trying to make the most of this -40F weather from r/pics

Pasta is not a dish best served cold.

Lunch in Chicago today. I like mine al dente. from r/pics

The inevitable movie reference.

Greetings from Iowa!

Let's hope the weather will soon get back to normal and Americans can return to their normal way of life!

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