They Won’t Pity You! 3 Most Cynical Zodiac Signs

Date December 26, 2018

We associate cynicism with tactlessness and cruelty. Looking at cynical people, it seems that they lack empathy, kindness, or pity. But many people use it as a mask to hide their empathy, which they consider a weakness.

A cynic is a person with abundant life experience and well-established principles. Therefore, for the most part, it is society that turns a person into one. But astrologers claim that some are still more prone to developing cynicism, namely these 3 signs of the zodiac.

Cynical signs

1. Capricorn

Capricorns believe that everything in this world can be bought. For them, practically nothing is priceless. They believe that for everything in this life they can find a replacement.

In addition, Capricorns believe that they are always right. It’s very difficult for them to accept somebody else’s point of view, so it's virtually impossible to prove anything to them.

They Won’t Pity You! 3 Most Cynical Zodiac SignsKiselev Andrey Valerevich /

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2. Scorpio

Scorpios love to tell the truth. Sometimes they are admired and respected for this quality. But there is a thin line between being blatantly honest and tactless or even offensive.

Never cross a Scorpio unless you want to make the enemies list of this sign. They have an excellent memory and are not particularly forgiving.

They Won’t Pity You! 3 Most Cynical Zodiac SignsPetrenko Andriy /

3. Sagittarius

Cynical Sagittarius mainly communicate with people they can benefit from. They may be disappointed in friendship. No one is an authority for them, and they often get defensive when somebody’s point of view contradicts theirs.

Representatives of this sign are often insolent. But their conscience is crystal clear, as in five minutes they forget all the insults they've said.

They Won’t Pity You! 3 Most Cynical Zodiac SignsPonomarenkoNataly /

If your sign is on this list, don’t get upset. There are many factors that form cynicism except for the stars. It’s only a predisposition. For all we know, you may well be a compassionate and kind person!

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