Trolling Is Ugly, Not You: A Girl Fought Body-Shamers By Following Their ‘Suggestions’

Date December 4, 2018 13:09

Now, in the 21st century, people are gradually changing perceptions and doing away with stereotypes. However, there is nothing some people enjoy more than to talk trash about someone. It reaches a whole different level in social networks because it is much easier to write a negative comment from behind the safety of the screen than to express your opinion in person.

Like anyone else, blogger Chessie King had to deal with Instagram trolls, too. However, the girl came up with a clever way to fight back.



Chessie is an incredibly charismatic, positive, and cheerful girl. She has everything to be happy: amazing journeys, girlfriends, a beloved boyfriend, and a stunning body. Chessie is a fitness trainer and often flaunts her beautiful, toned figure on Instagram. But at the same time, she is not afraid to show her own shortcomings and demonstrates how one can change a photo beyond recognition with the help of different lighting, posture, and clothing.

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Unfortunately, Chessie King, like many, gets her share of negative comments from web users. Some people are able to find flaws even where there are none. Chessie asked the body-shamers to tell her what she needs to change in herself, in their opinion. Naturally, the trolls immediately flooded the comment section with endless ‘suggestions.’ The girl downloaded an app and with its help made her body ‘perfect,’ according to the tips she was generously given: removed her eyebrows, made legs and waist slimmer, and enlarged bust and of course lips.

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The result was appalling, and the number of those who wanted to criticize her real body got significantly smaller. The picture shows an unnatural doll bearing little resemblance to a human. As it turned out, this was part of the Cybersmile Foundation’s campaign against cyberbullying.

It makes me angry that there are still humans out there that feel the need to comment on someone’s body in a negative way.

– Chessie wrote.



She is confident that a little tummy or a touch of cellulite or folds aren’t any reason not to love yourself. The girl hopes that her example will help others accept themselves, and not let body shaming get to them.


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Remember: you are unique. There is nothing wrong with self-improvement, but after reading a negative comment, it is important to remember that only you decide what to be and how to look. Commenters are not perfect either, and unfortunately this is how they choose to deal with it. Love your body – and others will see it.

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