What Do You Have A Penchant For? Addictions According To Each Zodiac Sign


December 6, 2018 16:49 By Fabiosa

An addiction is a habit that repeats constantly. In most cases, it is associated with something negative, that’s why it is called an addiction – a strong desire for something. Everybody has their own addiction – some can’t start a morning without a cup of coffee, others can’t go to sleep without reading a few pages of a book. Is it always harmful?

Each zodiac sign has its own addictions

It is widely accepted that each sign has its own behavioral peculiarities. Here is the list of addictions for you to check among your friends and relatives.


Work, work, work – a Capricorn’s motto. Sometimes the workaholism is so strong that they can’t have a rest without finishing the task.

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The wide imagination always produces creative ideas, which they can’t help but spread among people around them.


Pisces are addicted to reading. They can focus on the plot of the book and go deeper and deeper into it.


Active representatives of this sign do their job very fast and, as a result, they spend a lot of energy. That’s why coffee keeps them up.


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The representatives of this sign like tasty food. Usually, they eat with a big appetite, which is contagious for everybody around.


They like nothing better than studying. They are always hungry for knowledge. Don’t be surprised if you find them with a book in the bathroom.

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They are dependant on the judgments of people around them and as a result, they always find flaws in themselves. And how wrong they are! Representatives of Cancer should really pride themselves in their intelligence and wide knowledge.



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The representatives of this sign want to look perfect all the time. The reason? They need compliments. They won't believe that people truly admire their generosity and big heart.


They are real workaholics! They don’t want to have a rest, even when they have a holiday, the guilt of undone work can ruin everything.


To disappear on social networks is completely unnatural for them. That’s why high speed and quality internet connection is the best friend for them.


Scorpions' impulsive and explosive nature needs a release. The best way to unwind for a Scorpio is unforgettable sex.


These adventure lovers have a big list of places to go. Actually, they are ready to go there any time.

Can you recognize yourself in these descriptions? Or are they obvious only for your friends?

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