Won’t Forgive, Won’t Forget: 3 Most Vindictive Zodiac Signs

Date December 14, 2018

Each zodiac sign has special character traits that distinguishes it from the others. Astrologers believe that the position of the stars has a strong impact on personality.

Won’t Forgive, Won’t Forget: 3 Most Vindictive Zodiac /

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We all let anger get the better of us at times, but while some people quickly forget about an unpleasant exchange or situation, others can hold the grudge for a long time. Which of the zodiac signs are particularly vindictive? Be careful not to hurt them by chance!

3 most vindictive signs of the zodiac

1. Scorpio

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Without a doubt, the most ferocious sign of the zodiac. These people take everything to heart and are very easy to hurt. With that, Scorpios are awful in anger, so don’t fool yourself into believing that time will fix things between you if you were unlucky to cross them. Representatives of this sign have a very complex nature and are prone to intense self-analysis. Astrologers advise resolving all issues with Scorpios in a peaceful way.

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2. Taurus

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People born under this sign are extremely vulnerable and don’t take criticism well. If there is a Taurus among your acquaintances, you probably don’t need to be reminded about their defiant character and stubbornness. Representatives of this sign are easily offended and hardly ever forget anyone who’s hurt their feelings. Anyone who wishes to be on good terms with a Taurus had better watch their words.

3. Pisces

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Representatives of this sign can be quite forgiving but only for so long. Pisces are passive-agressively vindictive; they will try to conceal their animosity and other negative feelings, while hoping to make you feel guilty through subtle hints and gossips. Such people are so touchy, that even an innocent remark can get you up on their enemies list. In addition, Pisces like to be pitied, so they will not miss an opportunity to be the object of your sympathy.

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Do you know representatives of these zodiac signs? Are they as vulnerable and vindictive as astrologers claim? Let us know in the comments!

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